• surya_srikaran 10w


    I love you 3000. And I miss you to the moon and back to the earth. Missing you more means, loving you even more in ways I can't imagine. I  never loved anyone so much before. Days spent apart feels like an eternity to me. The only thing that keeps pushing me is, the days which we spent together. I've waited for something beautiful for a very long time and every moment I've waited is worth it. I found you. You're the precious moon I've found for the first time.
    With you,
    there's happiness.
    With you,
    With you,
    there's so much love.
    But without you,
    there's only darkness.
    I don't make promises these days. Because I'm afraid, that I'd let you down. But I still do know what you don't like in me. And I'd try to put them behind me. I love you sheyy. Even when we fight. Your smile while you say good night makes my day. Your cutest look in the morning with messy hair fills me with happiness.
    I'd hold your back sheyy, no matter what happens. When the sun sets and when it's getting dark, I want you to hold my hand and tell me that it's okay to be in dark. Tell me that I'm not alone. Tell me that the sun will rise again and everything's gonna be fine.
    I will always love you sheyy. ����

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    Dear Sheyyy,