• starlessnight 23w

    The end doesn't rhythm but whatever. This is dedicated to my mom. When I was concerned for my mental health she said it'll justify better, and bought me a ton if stuff with smiley faces on it, now, I cry every night carry a blade on me everywhere I go, so, are you proud of me mom?

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    Proud mom?

    You say you're proud
    Then why do you want me hiding in the crowd?
    You say I'm good enough
    So why tell I eat to much?
    You say I shouldn't be ashamed if who I am
    Yet you make comments like I'm a lost lamb.

    So when you finally see scars in my thighs
    You feel obligated to cry
    I tell you, I want to get healthy
    But you say, here are some sleeves, go into hiding.
    I cry telling you, I need a doctor!
    You say, its in your head, it'll just get better.

    Now I'm hiding in sleeves
    Obeying your pleas
    To not tell a soul
    Because you say ill look like a fool
    I can't sit still and calm
    Because i know you're judging me mom
    You're ashamed of my wrists and thighs
    Horrified by my late night cries
    As if I can control it
    But you've led me into this
    With all of your underhand remarks
    Slowly striking angry sparks
    Within my heart I've become cold
    Pulling away form your judgemental soul.

    So now that you see me
    All crying and broken
    Are you proud of me mom?
    You've led me to this
    Its due to your unsupportivness