• smitanand 10w

    You and I...

    I was a disheveled sigh
    anchored to anorexic summer breeze,
    hanging like a raindrop
    on a mango leaf,

    You a musical note escaped
    from a whimsical harmonica,
    that lurking within morning silences
    as nuances of first love.

    A clumsy dance step
    I gauchly executed
    the salsa of social niceties,
    stuttering on stilettos of apprehension,

    You were the jaunty slant
    of a sombrero,
    worn with rakish confidence.

    A wallflower of placid moods
    I blended innocuously in background,
    refusing to ripple silent lake
    I was a feather sigh zephyr.

    Always creating rancor
    you were the gust of rain kissed monsoon,
    brewing thunderstorms in clouds,
    swaying giant trees ,
    and painting frenzied rainbows
    with tempest's mascara.

    A guileless daffodil
    I was a ray of treacle sunshine,
    You the prickly pear
    that spewed expletives in quietude,
    with a frown emblazoned
    on furrowed brow.

    But together
    we found a blossoming love
    that adorned our life
    in fragrance and petals...