• aaronkblackman 6w

    Dear Me,

    How are you doing
    It's been awhile since we spoke
    How's Dad and Mom
    Hope you are doing good

    The last time we spoke
    You were drowning in depression
    Have you been able to find your mission
    You said you would work on it
    You promised

    Have you written our Hillsong
    Remember our childhood
    Have you outgrown the traumas
    Have you forgiven Papa and Mana
    Do you love you now

    Well I just want you to know
    That I love you so much
    I know life is crunch
    Know I'd always be right by your side
    Know I'd always be there for you
    Know I'd always be with you
    No matter what you do
    No matter what you say
    No matter what happens
    I love you.

    Sincerely yours