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    It's a part of a letter that I wrote to my closest friend a few months ago.. where I let my thoughts flow. Basically it might seem the production of my overthinking skills. But again,we all overthink. Don't we?
    Sometimes overthinking is what makes us realize some important things.. about life.. about us.. :)

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    Strange. Isn't it?

    I mean,life. It just puts you on a rollercoaster and controls it quite weirdly. Like,it takes you up,higher and higher and then halts for a moment.. That moment is so short and also passes away like all other moments of joy or disgrace. But this halt,is a little different. In this case,the moment is short indeed but it feels like it's taking too long to pass away.. as if it's never really gonna end.. But it does. It eventually comes down with an even faster pace. Being kind enough to let you catch your breath. But you aren't supposed to get off the coaster. Cause that means,it's the end. The end of life..
    But that b*tch always goes on (life,I mean). The whole thing repeats again & again,without checking who got off & who held on.
    It's kinda sad,but true. And truths are mostly sad...