• ibi_ss 5w

    Can you force someone to love you?

    Forcing isn't an option. You can't force someone on
    this earth for anything. As, it's their life. So, it's their
    independent choice. If their choice is not you. You
    can't make them love you forcefully. It's all natural.
    If it comes by heart, Accept it. If it doesn't come to
    you, Accept it too. if it's destined, it's going to
    happen anyway. Might be in a couple of seconds that
    you haven't imagined too. If it's not destined you
    have to accept it thinking you are not made for them
    and they are not made for you. And Let, them Go.
    Set Them Free from your mind. This is how you can
    relief yourself from the more pain coming to you and
    will be able to focus on your life.