• akash_s20 10w

    Colourful lights dangling here 'n' there
    Cheerful smiles everywhere
    Roads lined up with beautiful Diya stalls
    And huge discounts in shopping malls..

    Kids running with chocolate filled pockets
    Skies lit up with colourful rockets
    Wow!!! its a festival to behold
    And the time to relish the stories untold..

    From starting the day with hot Samosas
    To ending nights by having tummyful of Dosas
    From savouring Mouth watering sweets
    To distributing Handfull of treats..

    This indeed is a festival which uplifts positivity
    In the world which is filled with negativity

    Wish you all a very Happy Deepawali !!!
    May the Good always Triumph over the evil !!!