• clararosane 23w

    You believe in fairytales
    You believe in happy ever afters
    You believe in prince charming
    You believe in love at first sight
    You believe in true love
    You believe in forever

    And then you meet someone who matches all your wishlist.
    You date, you fall in love.
    He's everything you ever wanted.
    He cares about you, he puts you above everything and everyone, with him everything feels right.
    You have your first hand holding moment,
    Your first kiss.
    You wonder where he had been all those years.
    Your dreams have finally come true.

    And then after becoming comfortable with each other, you have your first fight, and the second, and the third, and it goes on.
    You have your first misunderstanding, the second, third, it goes on.
    You have your first break up scenario and then you make up very next day.
    This too will happen again in the future.
    You see the real him.
    You see his flaws more clearly.
    He isn't as sweet as before, he isn't as calm and naive like he used to be.
    He gets angry more often, and his apologies are comparatively low.
    You believe he has changed.
    You will think he doesn't love you anymore or worse, you'll think he never did.
    The fairytales, the prince charming, the never ending love all seems like bullshit now.
    It wasn't a fairytale, he's not prince charming, not even close.
    You wonder why you loved him in the first place.
    You'll think you made a huge mistake of letting him in.

    But then, even though he's not prince charming, even though your love story is not really a fairytale, even though you wanna murder him sometimes....
    You still love him, with every beat of your heart, and you know he loves you too, with every beat of his.

    Even though your love isn't perfect, you don't want to spend another second with anyone else but him.
    He's not perfect, yet you love him.
    You are not perfect, yet he loves you.

    And then you realise, love is not about being perfect or having the perfect someone or having the perfect love story.
    It's about wanting to be with someone through thicks and thins, ups and downs, sickness and health,
    even though your story isn't a happily ever after kind.
    It's about not being able to find someone else's smile as charming as his.
    It's everything you never dreamed of.
    It's about forgiveness(100 times) and trust.
    You understand life.
    You understand love. (At least a little)