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    It's complicated to write some stories which infact are very simple yet influential.
    Here mirror is a perfect mirror of our soul.
    To be truthful in my opinion nobody is completely honest either towards society or towards themselves.
    In the world filled with too much screening of fake lifestyle we somewhere forget to be honest.
    And that lack of honesty is somewhere degrading our humble behavior towards the life which we are provided.
    Most of us use a different kind of drug to remain unconscious towards our soul, so it doesn't ask many questions and make us feel guilty.

    I was in a conversation with a multi talented person who remains very low profile in his life.
    I couldn't stop asking how he manages all this and still remains so focused.

    He replied it's all about keeping yourself grounded because no matter what u do their is a hidden failure waiting for you to fall in the vanity of your overwhelming success. So when you are full occupied in your vanity the failure will snap you in your face even that failure would be irrelevant but will pressurize you to be dishonest for future one. So first i learnt to be completely honest towards me every night. I talk to myself about whole process. even in my mind I am on cloud 9 but i never let it reflect in my behavior and its all gift of my soul which tell me to be humble.
    We talked lot more on relevance and irrelevance i will tell that story some other time.

    Then their at that same moment it hit me what if i am completely honest towards my self i would definitely gonna respect myself more and once i would be respectful towards myself it will end up in mutual admiration towards society to stay humble as long as i could.

    *Poker faces are all over but needed to be Joker in front of mirror might make u stand apart*

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    Portraying Honest Emotions in front of the mirror in a long run will not only scratch your fears with their screaming but also screen Humbleness in the Skin.