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    It was probably mid summer noon
    When I walked into a home,
    Built of walls, that had spells.
    It wasn’t a home, not until
    They wrote stories and poems,
    And the walls began to grow.
    It was a castle, a fortress;
    I thought they were wizards
    They used enchanting spells
    And they were too good at it.
    They identified themselves -
    poets, writers; I felt a little less.
    I came alone, came few others-
    Alone; With same love, passion
    And excitement in their eyes
    Desperate to be read, heard.
    We were all young, amateurs,
    Drunk on youth, with plenty time.
    We wrote; we joyed; stuck around;
    Slowly days passed, things flipped.
    Some left without goodbyes
    Few others returned much late.
    Newbies flooded at every door;
    Walls sprouted de novo every day.
    Dusk and dawn played along,
    Some souls found their mates
    And some walls grew taller,
    While some others didn’t.
    A few brought down their walls
    And left for some place afar.
    There came bugs, issues, pests
    But the garden still bloomed.
    Walls stand tall, Stars aren’t far;
    Could wall be the bridge,
    Taking mortals to the skies ?
    But somewhere in this maze
    I’ve lost myself, found my pieces.
    Learnt and unlearnt a lot of lessons,
    Met beautiful souls, read verses -
    Dark, milky, bitter and sweet;
    On my wall, I’ve hung pictures
    Of my life, painted in words.
    It isn’t a wall anymore; It has life.
    It has voice, growth and emotions.
    I still follow them, those who left
    their names, lead me to their walls.
    But, Alas! They haven’t returned.
    I miss them, those old souls
    Who didn’t grow old with me;
    And all the words, they ne’er wrote.

    ©krishnega | 11July 2019