• msupraja 10w

    After you left me,
    I passed all the seasons for the first time,
    Every season reminded me of you,
    But winter been something where
    My heart beats in the name of wind.
    I name each cold wind passing by me
    As your name.
    Memories hits more of you,
    This winter is the name our
    Love and our broken days too.
    This is the 1st winter I am surving
    After you left me,
    Those days wraps me in
    Fraganance of mystique,
    But this wintery days making
    Me feel too low and lonely.
    I know it's hard to pass each of
    These winter days by an emptiness
    As my hands getting cold as days are passing.
    I am finding the reasons to skip these days
    And nights.
    When I go to sleep I get froze up
    And when I wake up I melt up.
    So all I am afraid to pass the most
    important days of mine with a heavy heart.
    As these days are most important days to
    Build my career too.
    So here I am deciding to close my eyes,
    Breathe long, hold my both hands together
    stand so strong and pass without getting
    Frozen and weak.


    Took some time to write and heal myself.

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    Winter without you