• luthanda 5w

    Secret love

    I can't expect to find some one at the drop of a hat.
    I can't always get what I want.
    I can however want what I can't have
    That's what makes him so special
    I know I could never have him
    But it doesn't make me want him any less
    I think it gives him a certain…intrigue
    Its helps knowing that he won't break my heart
    How can you lose something you never had?
    That's a very good question
    Because if you never have it, the harder it is to find.
    Then the harder it is to find
    The harder it is to lose
    Does that make sense?
    We have a secret love affair
    But I'm the only one who knows it exists
    He is in my imagination
    And I can see him for real
    But never touch him, but he can't leave my mind
    Does that make him mine?
    I like to think it does
    I think this kind of relationship is the best kind
    Because it doesn't exist physically
    I don't care that he doesn't want me.
    That doesn't stop me from longing for him
    That just makes me want to try harder.
    The harder I seem to try
    The luckier I seem to get
    I don't ever have to worry about being unlucky you see.
    All I have to do is close my eyes
    Then there he is, no one can force my eyes to open
    I just open them because
    I like the mystery
    I could live with him in my imagination for as long as I wanted
    But why, I like to keep myself guessing
    I control what's in my head
    And sometimes I like surprises
    Sometimes other people like to break my imagination
    I can't let that happen
    If I don't keep my imagination alive, who will?
    Lovers or friends
    Acquaintances or strangers
    If I couldn't be his lover
    I would still want to be his friend.
    We may just be acquaintances
    But at least we're not strangers
    He is my high
    And I never want to come down
    I am loving every minute of this
    Because I can never have him
    And you can never lose what you never had