• esperrto 10w


    Midday, feeling weary tired
    Right over left cues half a time
    Close my dominate eye
    Where's that a crime

    Because, the tense runs away
    But, I lag grossly behind
    Running with my aces
    Keeps me ahead of the grind

    We race for its petral self
    Lopsided to even chime
    Still, where we headed to
    Nothing but neon and lime

    So now, I come in almost last
    If, ones not frist, out of line
    Time taken to even that score
    Never see a slow down sign

    I'm better for evening my halves
    Words begin to mesh and rhyme
    Stress floats total on all nerves
    Equal pace on my ladders climb

    Make room for all that's lesser
    Take some moments to refine
    Realize a natures fair balance
    Because, cheese goes with wine