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    It feels like a beast;
    The monster has killed the priest.

    This world is getting colder;
    My soul is burning and it is emitting the gloomy smoulder.

    The heart feels dead;
    Those nightmares are creeping inside my head.

    My eyes are numb and my lips are dry;
    Nobody hears me, no matter how much I cry.

    I have been deceived by the alluring heavens;
    In a search of hope, I am walking through those deserted caverns.

    My breaths have frozen;
    I am drowning in this hellish ocean.

    I have surrendered myself to the devils;
    I can't deal anymore with all the chaos and evils.

    I feel lifeless and I yelp;
    It hurts terribly and when I look around, there is no one to help...


    This poem describes the feelings which we have during our helpless situation. Sometimes, you feel like screaming or crying. You want to tell the world how painful your life is but, you refuse to do so because either the world doesn't bother or you become weak. There are many things which prevent you to reveal your pain. Your inner monster wants to be wild and violent but still, you try to stay calm in order to tame that beast. I hope you all like this poem...

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