• fareehafaiyyaz 10w

    What is" bliss" I thought? What if all my progress is ruined in wars? I have learned to live .so I don't worry if I am dead tomorrow because my remains will be there in space and time of universe

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    Feared I death!Thought I why to fear death?
    Because there are so many things left unaccomplished ?Or I haven't achieved anything recently or anything at all ;Because there are lot of things for me to discover ?Or is it simply the fear of Unknown?If my fear is of unknown then why am I not afraid of life?Life which progresses into unknown of universe?Universe which accelerating into expansion of unknown !But what if I am no more tomorrow?Would that make any difference in works of humankind?What if I was a great personality?Would I just end up in history textbooks?Whose name students are tired of learning! Or,an ordinary person who will be missed for a while and people would be back into routine Or,a celebrity who always alone in crowds of fame Then what am I striving for?Bliss! Then what is happiness I thought?Bliss is satisfaction of pure air ,Mesmerising whispers of frost, Touch of demure sunlight which boldly shinesout,Uniform whirpools of water,Walking on road with rustles of leaves and hustling of sand,Feeling the murmuring of cities ;Cities which are alive not yet silencedPuddles of muddy water,Dusty corners with memories a lot,With narrow lanes of old civilityA perfect happiness,I have learned to enjoy them!No more I worry about, if I am no more!I have learned to enjoy few things to its deepest.And heartfelt satisfaction through which I learned to discover myself !I do not bother if I am bombed tomorrow for an immature cause ,Because I have learned to live ,just as people who have been killed in wars Enjoy little things ,because you can be next anytime soon !