• rebelpjones 22w

    Turning lies to dreams
    By RebelpJones

    Selling dreams to sheep
    A task easily sold to those asleep
    Ruled by whom lies are paid in full
    An appendectomy of our courage
    Been done to damn near us all
    A plan of genocide by
    those who wish
    for humanities fall.

    Birth of babies registered
    to officially be enslaved
    once grown,
    It must be this way
    it seems
    Till times gone,
    Those who don't believe this
    You'll be the ones
    the wolves will dine on.

    And you ask what I fight for
    Why wouldn't I
    until humanities rights
    are restored.

    If you don't speak out
    You might get ignored
    That's why my
    ink pen
    writes with a lions roar!
    Messages like these
    Why would I be silent for?