• thatgeekgirlau 10w


    I follow the Otter
    As in it I see perfect loyalty.
    I follow the Owl
    As in it I see wisdom, and assuredness of what's meant to be.
    I follow the Swallow
    As in it I see protection; it watches over not just sailors, but also you and me.
    I follow the Octopus
    As in it I see practicality, skill, and dexterity.
    I follow the Hummingbird
    As in it I see a reminder of life's fragility.
    I follow the Llama
    As in it I see it being comfortable with its own self, in its own skin, humorous and humble, with a dash of humility.
    I follow the Donkey
    As in it I see a creature though often used and, abused, still exists as gentle as can be.
    I follow the Night Fox
    As in it I see great use of the mind, intellect, yet whilst alert still treading lightly.
    I follow the Puppy
    As in it I see why even in tough times we need play and revelry.
    I follow the Bluebirds of Happiness, as life's always happier when shared with company.
    I follow the Fauna, the Flora, the Land, the Ancestors, the Universe...
    I follow the stars and skies above me!
    I trust in whatever path I'm lead down, for I've grown enough now to know
    I'll always end up with lessons I'm truly meant to learn,
    Meeting people and arriving at places that are just simply "meant to be..."