• savvyshubu 10w


    My dear puchu..
    Though It has been a long time that we know each other, but still its just i have never felt this way ever. Your hair, your eyes, your face..just mesmerise me. Everytime you walk through the door.. My heart goes.. Damn she's gorgeous. I just want to say it has never been before, and will never ever be after It's only gonna be today, whenever I see you, I forgot what's going on with me. My heart races when I feel u around. Puchu I assure you that I will never ever let even a single tear drop from your eyes. Girl, u are a work of a art. I never ever felt this way with anyone except you. Whenever you aren't near, my eyes keep searching for you. My mind thinks of you. Whenever I see you, my heart says she's the one you were looking for. That innocence, that voice, that personality... It is so intricating. You make me smile. I am happy with you I promise you that I'll love you from the core of my heart