• mikehauser 6w

    ~What If You~

    What if you...
    Only loved those that love you
    How would they know
    If that love was true
    Would it change a thing
    Would it bring meaning
    If you loved those you knew
    That only loved you

    What if you...
    Never once compromised
    Saw life through others eyes
    Saw the other person's side
    If you only did your thing
    With no concern for another being
    What would you find
    If you never compromised

    What if you...
    Never took the hard road
    But always the easy way
    With the lightest load
    Would it strengthen you
    Would your step be true
    If you never took the road
    Hardest to get through

    What if you...
    Only saw the past
    Never dreamed of what's ahead
    Only dream of what you left
    Would you be stuck
    In the place you are
    Never getting far
    If the past was in your heart

    What if you...
    Only took the winning side
    Would you learn lessons in this life
    If it was nothing but a free ride
    If no lessons were ever taught
    If a battle you never lost
    I wonder what you'd find
    If you only took the winning side