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    The Author - Chapter-6


    I'm Renu.

       As usual, when I was about to take a cab for my office, I saw Aron sitting inside a cake shop which was on my way to reach the cab, he was really focused on his mobile. He was waiting for someone, somehow I could tell it.

      The cab arrived but I sent it away, I didn't get in the cab rather I walked into the cake shop.

    I didn't wanna see him but I couldn't help myself everytime I see him, I start to stare at him and I feel like I just wanna hold him tightly in my hands. I just stared at him from a few tables away from him. He was well dressed, looked so cute. His eyes were dazzling into his mobile. As I neared him, I saw his mobile as I passed his table. It was a message from someone which made him look like that. I wish I knew who was it but it doesn't bug me that much. I'm in my own way and he's too, so it doesn't......yet it does, it bugs me very much than anything.

    Again I'm going crazy over him. I was waiting in the line to buy some cake. I took a glance at him as I was standing in the line. His face was so genuine, his hair looked soft, his eyes aww…, it's melting my heart. Everything about him makes my heart race speed and these made me wanted him more and more than ever. It made me want him for me only and only. It also made me wanted to get closer to him as soon as possible before anyone catches him away from me. I want him...I wanted him to love me. As I felt these emotions, I gathered up my courage and walked towards his table.

    I greeted him. He was surprised to see me. I sat right opposite him. He smiled at me as he rubbed off his hair. He said:

    “I never expected to see you….again”

    ‘Again?!’, ahh... it's awkward now. Is it that he doesn't wanna see me or longed for me? I can't read him. Even though I smiled at him and continued the conversation.

    “Why not?”

    He frowned and said:

    “It's just that...I thought...you're mad at me”

    Ah! so, it was like this. I was really very happy inside but didn't show it up outside.

    “Oh! no, not at all”

    He was once again surprised.


    I smiled and said:

    “Yeah, I ain't”

    He looked relieved.

    I saw the time on my mobile, it was already late for my work. I gotta rush now.

    I looked at him, he was too. I smiled as he did. Without recognising our hands were locked with each other. This feeling, it was so nice. It made my blood burn up.

    But it didn't long, we were interrupted by the waiter. And then I left him saying that I'll be late to my office.

    Now I know for sure that he feels the same way towards me too. I was damn happy.

    The next day, it was my day off. I was roaming around the town to shop. I saw Aron on the way, he said he was free today. So, we hung out together. But I wasn't very happy about it ‘cos we were repeatedly interrupted by someone, maybe his family or friend or even lover, I heard the voice it was a girl’s which will be almost like my age. So, his lover? Once again I'm confused. Does he love me or not?

    I was so disturbed by that girl, even after I reached home. I couldn't bring myself to sleep. I ended up thinking about her.

    Some days later, Aron texted me to meet up at a restaurant for dinner.

    Cialla said that it's for sure he’s asking me out, but I don't think so yet I wanted that to be true.

    I dressed up so adorably. I reached the restaurant he mentioned.

    When I saw him, I smiled at him but the sudden tragedy is he was here with another girl.

    Sudden gloom over me, my heart started to ache. I felt hurting. Though I smiled at her too.

    Aron said to me to take a seat. I sat.

    We ordered some foods. It really took a long time for receiving our food until then we thought about chatting but strangely there was only silence, an awkward silence. To break off that silence, the girl spoke up by introducing her.

    “By the way I'm Lorelei”


    She smiled at me. She was gorgeous. When compared to me, she was the damn beauty. Of course! Aron would choose her. But...nah! This thing is over.

    She said:

    “Aron said many things about you”

    I glanced over Aron, while they both smiled at each other. I felt like I was the third wheel.

    Aron said in a humble voice:

    “Do you wanna know why I invited you here”

    I smirked as I said:

    “Of course”

    Hearing my answer, the girl, Lorelei was eager to say why I was here. She started:

    “Very gud. Now time to face some facts. I'm Aron’s……