• rakshith_methre 4w

    Speaking walls.

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    Those walls speak a lot,
    Cravings, howls, desires, and prayers,
    It's midnight, and the siren of the ambulance alerts all the hospital slots,
    Clothes soaked in blood and his body lying lifeless on the stretcher..

    I stay here,
    treating, consoling, serving, and praying,
    Trying to empathasize the suffering,
    All the hardships were masked, since to be a doctor it was my prayer..

    People around him, probably the beloved one,
    Kneeling and pleading to get her son's life back,
    She staked her earnings and her life,
    Requested to bestow her child a smile and a soul to make him alive..

    That night, multiple sounds resonated,
    From the bits of bricks of the walls,
    To the mopped up bloody gauze,
    The prayers reverberated.

    Those prayers were probably from the souls,
    Who bid an adieu with a desire to survive in their heart,
    Embedded in the walls of this hospital,
    They hereby try to intensify the feeble prayers.