• lifeofshiv 10w

    Grew up where the population wasn't much
    But the bad outweighed the good

    But when I made it out the mud
    I didn't clean myself off
    So everywhere I stepped I made it dirty
    My past real murky
    It's darker than the mud on my shoes

    When I look back to see if anything's changed
    And that's everyday, everyday
    My skin turns pale
    And I know I'm red from the inside, but I start feeling blue
    It's true

    If you were the sun or the moon
    I'd be living underground
    Because you know I like you
    But I know you can do better

    #rhymezone #life

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    Because you're free
    You got to live your life
    Whether it be black and white
    Or full of colour
    You gotta live your life