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    3 July'018
    09:26 A.M.

    Part 3 of Series #99point9
    (Check part 1&2 under the same hashtag.)
    © phoenicorn | Hira Khan

    "How can God give Era so much power to convert a productive, self centered, focussed man to a wilting highly unstable mass of helplessness?"

    is inspired and modulated from the line

    "How can God give girls so much power ? How can they turn productive, busy and ambitious men into a wilting mass of uselessness."

    from novel R2020 by Chetan Bhagat.

    #pod #biryani

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    "A dance, Mister Nile?", a sound knocked me as I was trying to make my way out!
    "It's a trap, Dude. Girls, you don't have time for girls, you've to focus on your career."
    "Yes, you're right, Mister Mind."
    "Pss.. she's going to be your colleague. You should maintain good professional rapport with her. You can't say no to her, it will be awkward."
    "Point. Dear Heart!"
    "Mister and Dear ones, Don't worry about me. I'm single till I get married, I am totally focused on my career and she can't distract me from my goal."
    "Fine, Don't come crying to me then."

    "Eh..! Um.. Ah.." I mumbled as I came back to conversation.
    "Don't worry, I won't let you be the topic of laughter!" Era reading my 'awkward' body language.

    we went on dance floor, she was sparkling with smile.
    She taught me some basic steps for our first dance as I was näive. I completely left myself to her
    as if I'm a baby. She like my mother, spoon-fed me, each and every little thing.
    I was a lil' hesitant as I hadn't touched any girl before,
    forget about knowing how to dance!

    She guided me to put my left hand on her waist and she kept her right hand on my left shoulder.
    "Now with right hand, hold my hand." She said.
    Our hands facing each other by palms.

    she helped me in entwining my fingers with her fingers like villi criss-cross in intestine to make more surface area but here it was for step second!
    where my fore limbs extremities meandered with her extremities and I felt her skin!
    Her tender, soft, perfumed from the fragrances of heavenly flowers skin.

    It was something unusual,
    It was as quick as the impulse travelling through the sensory neurones to transmitting the information all over my body.
    It was something different.
    It was soothing, calming as well as uncontrollable, flowing me with itself. I was floating amidst the layers of cloud nine struggling with the questions my mind and heart were putting up.

    As we progressed,
    I was nervous, jittered, I was feeling alot of emotions in an infinitesimally small time.

    Being a boy, I have never felt so much helplessness to control my running emotions. I turned cold and numb.

    I was happier, more happy than when I get to savour free tomato chutney with my Biryani!
    Biryani was, what is happiness till this very moment to me.

    How can God give Era so much power to convert a productive, self centered, focussed man to a wilting highly unstable mass of helplessness?

    It was like rains of heavenly clouds were itself sprinkling on every inch of my body, caressing my war lesions!

    The touch was something, I'm still discovering words for as I was both controlled and surrendered in that moment to my emotions and to her!