• elektric_timewarp 23w

    ive been fighting feelings of a far away dream
    the earth slamming me with logical conclusions
    of this so called reality
    the senses of the illogical tap on my heart
    whimsical dreams from the other side
    create a beat to my souls own drum.
    equations of logic are seen through my eyes
    yet the insight from my eye feels
    the unsolved mysteries of what i know is real
    call me a walking contradiction
    pridefully dancing to the unknown
    hesitantly flowing with the dispute of emotions
    love that has concealed itself
    hidden within my captivating prance.
    disregarding the feelings i so blindedly see
    eyes closed but these emotions feel
    embracing the knowledge captured
    within with this ancient new world
    waltzing along with an illuminated false smile
    learning my soul feels the logic of my insanity,
    that madness of my rattled sanity.
    it is within this new world
    where there is no denying what you know you feel,
    that you embrace the untraceable
    it is what we choose to percieve
    a simple complicated thought that whispers
    'rationality is irrational,
    and logic can be felt
    when everything makes sense
    but life doesn't add up at all.'