• fonsito2020 14w


    Some see a fight, a push and a shove,
    I see a desperate cry for love.

    Some see a brat, he acts so bad,
    I see a boy who’s never met his dad.

    Some see the messes and the trouble they give,
    I see the poverty in the place where they live.

    Some see a teenager who won’t dress right,
    I see a girl who has to protect herself at night.

    Some see a smart mouth, disrespectful and loud,
    I see a kid made fun of by a crowd.

    Some see a woman who comes just to use,
    I see a lady by a drunken husband abused.

    Some see a drug addict withered and worn,
    I see a soul the Lord wants reborn.

    Some see the dirt, the filth and the rot,
    I see a kid who without Jesus doesn’t have a shot.

    Some see a crook whom you don’t trust much,
    I see a man who needs the Lord’s touch.

    Some see a bunch of heathen who holler and yell,
    I see kids with parents in jail.

    Some see a teenager who gives a lot of flack,
    I see a boy whose whole family is on crack.

    Broken homes, broken lives, those without hope,
    They need compassion and God’s grace to cope.

    For every little girl who lies awake hungry at night,
    Lord, help me to keep in the fight.

    For every scared boy who sees his mommy get hit,
    Lord, help me to be faithful and never to quit.

    For every mommy who needs a new start,
    Lord, help me to show her how to ask You into her heart.

    For every man on whom sin has its hold,
    Lord, help me to make sure the “Old Story” is told.

    The Lord to me His mercy has shown,
    Lord, help me to reach out so others may make Heaven their home.

    May others judge gently when these folks they see—
    If not for God’s grace, that’s where all of us would be.

    SOURCE: Pastor Bobby Roberson, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Church website.