• jafriwrites12 9w


    A companion in disguise..
    An inspirer always there to make you rise.
    A place where all our secrets are kept..
    A lover from which we all expect.
    A guide always there to show us the path right..
    An aeroplane in which our dreams make their flight..
    Be it the cosmos or the quantum beauty.
    Be it the political insights or political duty...
    The place which have almost all the answers..
    A place in which our conscience become perfect dancers..
    The thing which knows ourselves better without any guess.
    A detective having access to almost everything we possess..
    A reason for our depression and sometimes regress.
    A resource that paves the way to our success..
    When world throws you off the road.
    When you can't find yourself in your own abode.
    The place where your soul finds solace..
    An abode where our thoughts find their place..
    Yupp it's the phone..
    Yupp it's the phone..