• owymyke 9w


    Everyday relives the memory of yesterday,
    Five months still looks like the day it happened,
    I'm not certain eternity can wipe any detail,
    You clung so hard to my wrist,
    At first, it thought it was your angry mood,
    But you wangled and tortured my hands,
    Held me firm to the bed,
    Nearly ripping my clothes off,
    My strength didn't fail me,
    I bruised upon your thighs with my nails dug in your cheeks,
    I got it, yes! I got,
    And when you managed to stutter,
    I knew you would say that,
    But who actually cares,
    You got up and the sound of the lock was all I could hear,
    I'm a "Virgin" was my only plea,
    But my plea was like the evening breeze,
    No roots, no destination,
    All I heard were hands holding me high and hitting me hard on the bed,
    We fought hard repeatedly,
    Over and over, you were unrelenting,
    On my kneel, I begged but you barely listened,
    I screamed hard, but you paid deaf ears,
    Finally, you had your way and made yourself a monster,
    Nothing to erase every little scene,
    I live with this tragedy forever.