• being_ineffable 5w

    I have been always wondering,,,,
    That what actually friendship need,
    What is the realest rule to be A good frnd,
    And then, i learned that friendship is all about NOT LEAVING.
    Akhir jo chodh gaye vo dost nahi.......
    This is where you need to know, not leaving your frnd no matter what,
    If something is irritating you, TALK.
    If something is bothering you, TALK,
    But don't leave and once you leave, don't call it friendship anymore,
    A friend is obviously someone with whom you can gossip abt the world, so why not keep is gng onn,..
    No regular phone calls is OK,
    No hangouts is OK,
    No regular talk is OK,
    Coz being a FRIEND FROM SOUL AND HEART is way better than being a FRIEND TO ROAM AROUND,
    After all, all that hangouts is waste, if your heavy heart is not emptied by your frnd,
    So guys,,,, be a frnd from heart and soul is someone is Recognizing you as a frnd,
    After all
    !!...Har ek friend zaruri hota h..!!!

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    Har ek friend zaruri hota hai.