• anjaney 50w

    My 1st one��

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    Heart brokes

    I loved you with all of my heart..
    But in between u pulled of ur cart..

    The bloody distance between us..
    It made me extremely anxious...

    I can't explain you how much I cried.
    But don't wanna irritate u so don't even tried..

    Asusual misunderstanding occurred..
    But this time it is much more,it almost fractured..

    People are around you ,so you diverted your mind..
    But here m alone and every sec my heart grinds.

    I know u loved me,this tym distance & frustration overcame..
    But I heard that love is like inextinguishable flame..

    I know somewhere you too felt it..
    But you didn't express nor gonna admit it..

    You said that you news time..
    Take ur precios time but be mine ...