• toddalmighty 5w

    Alone, God sits in Heaven

    And we are at fault

    We pay attention to the wrong parts

    Churches preach sin is acceptable
    As long as you are remorseful
    Rather than living your life good,
    And for and at this God weeps
    Why preach on forgiveness
    And not a wholesome life

    We pay attention to the wrong parts

    The adversary once sat at with God's grace on his right
    But few credit him with more cunning than a soul by soul play
    He started the Heavens to war, brought about the Casting and Fall
    God himself imprisoned him to Hades
    And we think him a prankster In horns

    In his cunning and gile
    Without trace of a smile
    The Adversary put his plan to work

    When the world was young, and few trees were books
    Changing a few words in the holy tome did the work

    He created a symbol we give power to each prayer
    Unaware the God we pray to is the Advisary himself

    We pay attention to the wrong parts

    So God sits alone in Heavens great halls
    Waiting for us to figure it out

    He made us in his image
    The raw material of a God
    He gave us a spark of creation
    With the ability of procreation

    Yet we hide it behind close doors
    Hide the act as taboo

    He told us there were others
    "Worship no God before me"
    He told us everything
    And we payed attention not

    Made in the image of a God
    Given the power to create
    Instead of becoming gods ourselves
    We post online our days complaints

    With gifted freewill he bound his own hands
    While the Adversary sets in motion
    a win we hand to him
    Some preach the end is already won
    Adversary propaganda at best
    With freewill, it was placed in our hands

    We can tear it down
    We can lose it all
    We can lose at the end
    We can unravel Creation

    Showing how great his love
    He trusts us still yet
    His existence in our hands
    God sits alone in Heaven
    Waiting for us to figure it out

    The book we follow as His word
    Starts with creation
    and goes on to the end
    At the end is a battle
    A battle for souls

    Why do no religions, and none really do
    Prep your soul for battle, train your soul for war
    And the Adversary crestfallen nods
    And regrets that he is winning
    But to the end he will make sure of it
    For it was from God he was so tasked

    We pay attention to the wrong parts