• tanmay16 36w


    This is the aim of all,
    Saint or sinner,
    Victim or accused,
    Prey or predator,
    All run for reaching this state of satisfaction.

    Some find it in money,
    Some in friends,
    Some in loneliness,
    Some in hideousness.
    All run , though ignorant of their objective,
    cause they don't know the transient nature of these things.
    They run for things that are true only in a restrictive way,
    cause when the night will end, the dream will die.
    But, still, it has a meaning until it is their and it's true until the awakening.

    So what is the way to ecstasy?
    Ask the ancient seers, in many different ways and got the same response .... Be what you are, Thou art that.

    So we have lived perfectly in this dream, we Indians, as Greece is no more, Mesopotamia is gone, rome is dead, pyramids are now just a piece of art.
    But we live, from time immemorial and will live till the end of this age, cause we know the way to self realisation, we know the meaning of being human, so we never colonised any civilization... We find the ultimate joy in renunciation, in being the way we are and descending in an ocean of infinite bliss.
    We are just like this, never in any moment of time, was there any tragic violence as we say that truth is one, wise people see it in different ways.
    We had wealth, to such an extent that notorious invaders looted it continuously... still we survive as we found a balance between worldly gains and transcendental bliss.

    This is the way we are. Contented with the absolute as nothing is more than it, nothing is less than it, nothing is greater than it, nothing is smaller than it,
    All what is is it .