• lovichild 10w


    Thousands days went like this .
    With those special evening.
    When scent of marigold complete your sunset mood .
    The rainy days complete the taste of evening snacks.
    Feel the wind brushing against your skin when you swing.
    When grandma's hug and her faint smell of jasmine flowers was all you need at that time .
    Spend the time with people who are not mean to be with you .
    But you better be alone other than being with those who are mean to you .
    Scary are some days and some are lovely.
    Never know meetings strangers will make you this happy.
    Then at one evening you thought what is happening to your life .
    Drowning with own misery but happy outside the way things working out .
    Then the smell of fresh wet sand on first day of rain calms you down ...