• sisir_dhar 35w

    Last Request


    You compare yourself,
    Find out the whole world.
    Seeing someone you did not like,
    Truly I'm sure
    Some one else like you,
    Seeing happiness does not get noticed.
    So frustrated,
    Looking for you; Always .
    The day you left,
    I was alone since that day.
    Hermits in the world,
    Hope in the hope of the big bang
    On the first day of your visit,
    There are many moons in the heart.
    If you think of crying,
    Tears are wet in water
    When you want to forget,
    The secret door of my heart
    Your memory floats,
    You have become desperate
    and hope for you
    As all birds return to the nest
    At the end of the day,
    Come on one time,
    You will not be seen last time.