• bold_feminine_1111 10w

    Self Love

    It's not that I lose feelings, it's not that I leave people behind. When I give someone my love, I give it all. I fall hard. I give them my trust, my truth, my faith, my commitment, my efforts and closure until... They take it for granted or take advantage of my love for them. Because no matter what, my love for myself is always going to be greater than my love towards anyone else. Because I was born alone, before I had anyone, I had myself. When I break, I hold myself. When I drown, I save myself. I'm all I permanently have. And if getting closer to you, being there for you means to lose myself.... I'm never going there. No that's not selfish. It's selflove. To purify your mind, soul and body by leaving any place that doesn't serve your highest good. What's meant for you is going to bring you closer to your core and not stray you away from it & it ultimately that's how you know wether you need to keep it or leave it.