• effitzy 30w



    _*They said money can’t buy you happiness But I met poor man who wanted to be l rich But I have never met a rich man who wanted to be poor*_
    _*But I never read anywhere where it said I’d be happier poor*_ _*They told me that the money is the root of all evil I had no response when I replied but wasn’t money created by people ? If a farmer plants a seed and waters it, does he not take responsibility for his growth ? Would you now then not agree that you reap what you sow*_
    _*My mother would say it best – ‘Son, money can’t buy you happiness, but neither can poverty’ But I was told*_ _*money starts rumors, divorce, and discriminately laws, chores, discourse, obligatory wars*_
    _*Let me address this topic…Is the money the root of all these problems ? Or is the root of these problems the lack of it ?*_
    _*Now please, don’t confuse me to be naïve or believe that my life would be better*_
    _*DO NOT CONFUSE HUMAN GREED WITH HUMAN NEED People go to war over oil ‘cause they want more…*_
    _*People kill the love ‘cause they feel they don’t have enough*_
    _*If anything the money is innocent party in all of this…*__*And money is just an object…don’t blame it for*_ _*anything, ‘cause it’s mainly a tool It will not solve your problems unless you learn not just*_ _*how to make it, but rather make it work for you*_
    _*That’s what I believe…*_
    _*But like I said, this is only my view and like any view one sided it is, because it’s that of a broke man*_