• ryaaaa 10w

    I have demons
    of the past
    My father's shouting voice
    fans their flames,
    I'm sick of
    keeping everything together,
    While fixing my mother's life,
    I've been breaking my own,
    All these shattered pieces with jaggered edges have familiarized me to feeling of a void
    I wake up from my sleep crying
    When asked why,
    I have no reason to answer
    But a pain that I want to cry away
    I'm tired,
    I fight with dead spirits
    Because fighting is life,
    And I cannot stop unless I'm breathing
    I will die fighting
    The pain
    The pain
    The pain
    It has killed me long ago
    Over and over and over again
    Lost cause
    Blurred purpose
    I wish for death tonight
    Maybe death will be my victory.