• sumana_chakraborty 5w

    Epitome of love ,
    this benevolent grass
    I love the way it binds me with trust
    Humble and herbaceous
    This tiniest grass
    Kindness its ornament
    For resilience it lasts
    It's firm and strong at the grass root level
    Come whatever ,
    It remains standstill and stern .

    When I step down and stroll in my lawn
    Scarlet hue when pronounces dawn
    The thorny lanes when augments my pain
    The dust of roads when reduce my fane
    Crevices and cracks' relentless stress
    When sinks life to ruthless bend
    It's that grassy verdant's tryst and love
    Soft and dewy velvetty touch
    That uplifts my spirit
    Drifts my life .
    Embraces my feet
    in an unprecedented way
    It's hugs and kisses
    Keeps all disdain at bay
    Though it is filled with dirt and spit
    Tapestry of grass embraces my feet.