• saikiran98 6w

    Dust to dust , Earth to earth

    The simple and the noble birth

    Will shed their skin and leave their kin

    Despite their given worth.


    The perfect body and the lame,

    The smart, the wealthy and insane,

    Will crumble to a little heap

    Of molecules, the same.


    The farm, the precious jewels , the cars,

    The castles with the golden spas,

    Will leave thy face, yet stay in place,

    And pass and pass and pass.


    Tomorrow and the living day,

    Reflections of but yesterday,

    Entwined upon our minds like weeds,

    Unwelcomed yes, but chose to stay.


    Know thyself the Wise-man said,

    Your likes dislikes and well combed head,

    The triggers of you many moods,

    And deep inside the journey bade.


    If “I” think, then what is “I”,

    Since “I” do then tell me why,

    These voices quarrel from within,

    Some rude, some greedy and some shy.


    Who is thinking, who is who,

    Am “I” the thoughts and thinker too,

    Or bewitched by constant change

    To note the difference of the two.


    If "I" write and if “I” sing

    Forever in my memories swing,

    Yet cannot fix this worshiped mind

    Upon a single thing.


    If abused "I" fall in tears,

    Or forewarned , "I" dwell in fear,

    Yet my neighbours sexy smile

    Or words will please my ears.


    If the act of fellow man

    Decides my state and weight , it can,

    Then who is living life for who,

    I do not understand.


    Dear brothers lend an ear behold

    The truth is found , yet never told,

    It has no start, no place, no end,

    The senses and the mind transcends.


    The real and living is the free

    From self created misery,

    Who chose their acts, not just react ,

    To acts from you and me.