• kisanji 6w

    Do You Know ...?

    Hey, hard-hearted sweet girl ,
    Do you know-
    about your locus infront of me ?
    No... not 'in front of ',
    You are in my mind , ticker and
    Even in my intellect ,
    Holding me so firmly .
    Do you know-
    How you inhabit in my all ?
    Like a generous gem ,
    My hope and saviour and the whole ,
    The best purifier -
    For all my trouble ,
    For all my regret ,
    For all my depression -
    No, these 'and's can not end -
    I stop breathing,
    My heart would stop palpitating ,
    I would loss my own .
    Do you know -
    How i think you ?
    Me : like that awaited glacier
    Waiting to glow like a diamond
    In your moonlight ,
    Me : like that lost traveller
    And you are the polestar leading me...,
    Me: like that nasty leaf
    And you... you are cleaning me daily.

    Alas! Me thinking again .
    What if -
    These would be the same for both...
    These would be more than my foolish thoghts , you would be more than my imagination .
    Then you definitely know that all...
    ┬ęSubham Goswami