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    Star lit

    Underneath a star lit sky little tears welling in my eyes it’s the beauty that makes me cry.
    Summer sun has scorched all day now I watch the Milky Way and it takes my breath away.
    In the vastness of its past and all the people it has grasped looking up but can’t see past.
    Far beyond our human vision life abundantly now racing future looming for all races.
    Life begins to now take shape as in space new steps we take to the moon and far beyond for this now our race has longed.
    Future now unraveled fast as our minds have now surpassed. Life we know will soon start changing as our minds are rearranging.
    Endangered things live in our past more are joining them quite fast we don’t learn from our past. Life upon our planet swelling everyone now needs a dwelling still today we’re not gelling.
    Something soon now needs to change and our ways be rearranged. Human life is still in danger every day new wars we wager
    So it’s time we all own up as we drink from gods own cup.
    Thomas Lennon 00:53 04/07/18