• mukeshkmr 34w

    Cry for you

    Sunday morning, or Sunday mourning
    I woke up dead inside from all the hurt I saw before me
    Evil tryna take away my testimony
    Starin' at my phone, feelin' like a phony
    I cry for you, I would die for you
    To escape the pain I feel from all that I've been through
    I feel it in my soul and in my chest
    Take away this ugly thorn inside my flesh
    Give me death
    But grace is sufficient to start my mission
    I'm so far from perfect, can't believe they listen
    I could never boast in my accomplishments
    I can only hope in God with confidence
    Opposite of optimist, U and I are consonants
    Broken all the vowels, deservin' of every consequence
    Will you cry for me, or will you judge me?
    Will you throw stones at my head, or will you love me?
    I could never be everything that you wanna see
    But crooked sticks draw straight lines, just look at me