• nikoniconee 5w

    Dont give up

    Hey you,yes you. You are absolutely amazing,you are doing great. You are living and breathing which means you are doing so well. You are wonderful,smart,unique,different,beautiful,handsome, a sexy snack. No not a snack you are whole meal,scratch that your a whole buffet. So throw away those sharp objects and pick up a forck eat something,drink some cold water and open a window. Get up from that toilet and looks in the mirror. You are beautiful,you are worth everything in the world,you deserve to be happy and loved. You deserve to live and have a happy life. Dont listen too people who call you names because you are NOT ugly,fat,nasty,a fag,a mistake,or worthless. You deserve a chance to be as happy as a baby. You may not be innocent right now but you once were snd it isnt your fault. You are doing your best to get by and I believe in you. Keeping going,you are doing so well. You are so strong in ways you don't even know. Please keep going,dont listen to anyone that tries to bring you down,dont listen to the thoughts in your head because they arent true. Dont give up,you can do this.