• eskaypia64 5w

    Monday Mornings

    Do I get up now?
    I don't know if I can...
    Its just... so... warm under these blankets,
    The world is so, so cold...
    I'm still tired,
    I spent all my time on caffeine, at 1:45, I was still wired,
    Yet this morning,
    My mind...
    Its wiped out,
    Tumbled in a turmoil of tired,
    I'm not sure if I can stand...
    Yes, yes I can,
    No, no I can't,
    I must crawl,
    Crawl from carpet to tile,
    Relieve myself,
    If only stress was just as easy to get rid of,
    I spent all night writing these blasted poems,
    Oh, but my worst woes are nothing to a dead man's,
    Or so one might think,
    No matter,
    As is work,
    Sleep over strain,
    Back to bed,
    Life is too hard to work...
    Back to bed...