• lady_midnight 36w

    The day was about to set. Mundane people were absorbed in their sanity as they migrated home. I'd prefer being an insomniac, Searching for a little adventure in the wilderness of insanity.

    My restless thoughts find their home as my eyes landed on the wooden board, arousing my dreamy desires. Following the zephyr of wars and blood, narnian winter, pixie dust and spells I find myself in solace.

    As immaculate as they could be, the beauties stood proud whispering and chanting lullabies for my overzealous heart. I looked around dazed by the wonderland. There was no one except another muggle, counting piles of green stashed in his drawer.

    As I wandered, my inexperienced fingers traced the spines satisfying their desire. I moved on, until one of the binding, clasped my hand. Exaggerating I am a bit. But who can tell? Reality ain't my thing.

    I had found the one. Awaking it from its slumber, I blow away the dust. She was entirely mine now. Revealing the treasures, I entered darkness, searching where the shadows hide. My insatiable desires had found their grave for now.

    Engraving the epitaph, I let my soul rest.
    For now.