• nilofernisha 10w


    Sensitive is a flower and so is a woman.
    Cautious is a thorn and so is a woman.
    She pricks every ugly hand that attempts to touch her.
    Those thorns could never be softened.
    Those petals could never be loved.
    The need is a hand that loves her despite being pricked.
    To those hands, she reveals the real fragrance.
    The real colour.
    The real moisture.
    She loves to paint those painful hands.
    Those dreadful drops of blood*
    Fearful tears*
    Soulful sadness*
    Beautiful scars*
    She is surprised.
    She smiles.
    Coz she survived.
    Those painful hands took away all those pains and threw far away.
    She plans.
    To kill those hands even more.
    With kisses*
    Psychic she is......
    Purely psychic !