• tin_and_tantalum 10w

    Moon was eclipsing that day
    When I had to travel on that bay
    It was about to get dark
    But my eyes we're filled with spark
    I wanted to reach the top of hill
    So that I capture the lunar eclipse in my stills
    Darker and darker it got
    When I was traversing to the spot
    Streetlights were twinkling like they were stars
    Trees were swinging syncing with wind like a rockstar
    A shadow was traversing with me
    Like even he wanted to capture that eclipse spree
    Reaching the top we both captured
    The phases of moon that weathered
    To eclipse and slowly came out of darkness
    To lighten the whole sky with its brightness
    Me and the shadow smiled looking each other
    As we witnessed a magical phase together
    Holding hands we traversed down
    With memories that will never drown...