• kesharanjan8 9w

    Let's take a moment
    To realise our creed
    And seldomly remembered
    All those hasten decisions we breathe
    Let's undress the hidden soul
    And feel the connections you seek
    Let your mind revolve
    Around the visions I see
    And then at night
    When your body is free
    And soul needs something to believe
    I shall bring back what is left of me
    And present it to you
    For your sanity unreached
    Let's be together
    And not leave until I agree
    Don't let me free
    I enjoy being trapped inside your chaos and dream
    Let's discuss and find answers
    For you and me,
    we are still alive and we live
    As I am not ready to give in
    The ideas left unseen
    Make me stop or make it slow
    Let's just pause
    And come out of our comfort zone
    It will not be alright
    And this is something you know
    Probably, hopeful but tired of trying
    But this madness just grows
    Let's not get dissolved
    Before the fire soars
    For there is a whole new world
    Waiting for you
    And I shall not waste a moment
    To keep you away
    Because I see my Universe in you.