• undiscovered_flower 5w


    This is the last
    I'm washing away our memories
    Since you already moved on so fast
    Since before I can even decide that you wasn't right for me
    You was in someone else's lap
    I tried to fix us so much
    That I got trapped
    My heart was so soft
    That I brushed past your mask
    I've been numb
    Emotionally blocked
    Couldn't write a word
    This poem was even hard to start
    But I am done
    I'm tired of you controlling me
    Even when we're done
    I need back my control
    You did what you did
    Now it's time for me to let go
    I know it would take a lot for me to love again
    It would take a lot for me to grow
    You've taken a huge part of me
    So I started loving the cold
    And even when I'm swimming
    I'm sinking also
    Your love was toxic
    And it burned me to the core
    But I can't allow you to poison my life anymore