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    Continued story

    The Court of Bones and Shadow

    Shadow : There are some reasons Bones.
    Bones : Reasons you can't tell even me Shadow?
    Shadow : Hmm.Yeah.
    Bones : So..
    You mean...
    You're leaving.
    Shadow : Hmmm.
    Bones : You're leaving ME Shadow?
    Shadow : .......... (looking down)
    Bones : Shadow..
    Shadow : I'm sorry Bones.
    (with teary eyes)
    Bones : Don't....
    What am I gonna do now Shadow?
    ( choking)
    Shadow : You'll be fine without me Bones.
    Bones : No!
    I can't be!
    Shadow : ( looks away)
    Bones : Tell me Shadow...
    Tell me what do I have to do to make you stay?
    I'll do anything, you just tell me!
    Shadow : Nothing.
    Bones : But WHY?!!!!!
    ( screaming)
    Shadow : Because I don't want to.
    And Shadow was just about to leave but Bones holds her hand.
    Shadow turns ; tears rolling down.

    Bones : .... Please...
    ( crying)
    Shadow : Can I kiss you Bones?
    Bones : ........ ( crying)

    Shadow goes close to Bones.
    And their lips touched into, their first and last, the sweetest and the most bitter, the happiest and the saddest, kiss.
    They were feeling the same touch.
    They were crying the same tears.

    Bones opens his eyes, and it was all dark.
    Shadow was gone ; lost in the darkness, from where she came to Bones.

    They touched, but could never hold each other.
    They cried, but could never wipe away each other's tears.
    They kissed, but could never become one.

    They could never make it to, zero feet apart.


    I hope you all enjoyed reading this short story.
    In case you don't know the story, I suggest you read the previous parts.

    And thank you Mirakee for giving us a platform to share our ideas.

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    The Court of Bones and Shadow

    Final Part 5.
    Shadow : Can I kiss you Bones?