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    Heart is right. No one can disagree.

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    Married to her mind - A7

    “We aren’t in love, you’re still just attracted to me. There is nothing else to this,” love said.
    “Please. Stop saying that. You just do what everyone else says. Learn to tell them no. What about how you feel? I know how you feel. Stop hiding it,” heart admitted.
    “I feel fine. Look one day you’ll move on from me,” love said.
    “Okay love. Just picture this scenario. Everyone else in the world doesn’t exist and all that’s here is me and you. Wouldn’t you yourself make a decision without anyone else around?” Heart asked.
    “I guess I would, but things like that don’t just happen. It’s like this for a reason,” love said.
    “That reason is that you never refused,” heart said.
    “Look whatever you’re trying to do or say—-
    “Love?” Her mother asked.
    “Uhh.. mom? What are you doing here?” Love laughed nervously.
    “I came here with your sisters. Figured we needed a time out,” love’s mom said.
    “Yeah. Me and mind just came here with a few friends. Heart can’t ride because of his arm,” love said.
    “Oh well, I hope your arm is a lot better,” love’s mother said.
    “Thank you. Nice seeing you,” heart said as he looked at love and back at her.
    “You guys should join us after they get off the coaster. I’m sure mind would love to see you,” love said.
    “That sounds great but me and your sisters are heading home because I’m not feeling very well.”Love’s mother said.
    “Oh really? What’s wrong?” Love asked.
    “I caught a cold & come closer. Are you staying out of that theatre?” Her mother whispered.
    “Yes mom,” Love whispered.
    “Good. Well. Better get going,” her mom said as she headed towards the exit.
    “She seemed like she was in a good mood,” heart laughed.
    “It probably means the opposite. I know her too well,” love laughed.
    “Whoo! That was fun!” Mind said as him and the group headed back from the ride.
    “We had fun too,” love said sarcastically.